The registrant is aware of and assumes all risk of bodily injury or property damage, including specifically (but not excessively) the risk of being injured of thrown or stuck by golf balls or clubs actions by spectators, players, caddies or other in attendance. The registrant agrees that Drishti Media Group including their employees as well as the participants in the event, are not liable for any injuries or property damage resulting from such causes or any other negligence; nor are they responsible for any act or omission on the part of Peace Portal Par 3 Golf Course, its officers, employees or agents.

The registrants hereby authorizes Drishti Media Group to collect use and disclose the registrants personal information for the purpose of participation in the Drishti Women’s Golf Day event 2023, and for all such purchases allowed pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act (British Columbia).

Golfers acknowledge that I/we have read and agree to comply with the above statement.